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      1. Shandong(Linyi)Leading Culture & Media Co., Ltd



        About Us

        Exhibition Scope

        Wooden doors: solid wood door │ composite door │ ecological door I steel wood door │ bamboo wood door I paint baking door I paint free door I molded door, etc;

        Windows: door and window system │ casement │ rotary window │ sliding window │ wooden window │ steel window │ aluminum alloy window │ glass window │ louver │ fireproof skylight │ aluminum profile, etc;

        Sliding door type: glass sliding door │ swing door I sliding door I shower room I sunshine room │ profile, etc;

        Customization: whole house home │ solid wood customization │ overall cabinet and wardrobe [whole house quick installation │ all aluminum customization I integrated wall, etc;

        Categories of cabinets: Framed doors │ blister doors │ customized processing │ all aluminum household, etc;

        Metal doors: anti theft door I steel door I copper door │ rolling shutter door │ commercial door │ industrial door I fast rolling door I automatic door, etc;

        Mechanical equipment, auxiliary materials, supporting hardware, adhesives, etc